Air Duct Cleaning is a Good Idea Any Time of Year

There is never a wrong season or time of year to reap the benefits of having your air ducts cleaned. For air duct cleaning Rochester area home and business owners trust and rely on is only a phone call away. High Performance Heating, Cooling & Hydronics is the professional duct cleaning specialists to get the job done right any time of year.

When you do not get your home or businesses air ducts cleaned regularly, there are a wide range of issues that can crop up and affect the entire heating system or cooling system. If left unchecked, ducts that are clogged or lined in dust, dander, chemical residue, allergens, or other debris can lead to poor air quality. Air duct cleaning Rochester homes have performed translates to cleaner air in those homes and businesses. Without being cleaned, the forced air naturally picks up those particles and releases it through the ducts for you and your family to breathe in. If anyone in the home has respiratory issues, such as asthma or allergies, the constant exposure to this less than clean air can worsen these conditions. Regardless of how many air fresheners, air purifiers, or expensive filters you invest in for your heating or cooling systems, if your ducts are dirty, the air in your home will be too.

Air duct cleaning Rochester homes invest in with High Performance Heating, Cooling & Hydronics is also beneficial to the operation and the life span of your heating and cooling systems. When the ducts are unclean, the system literally has to work harder to force the same amount of air through. When the system works harder, it costs more also. You may find yourself paying more while the system performs less. You also run the risk of the heating or cooling system dying out on you much quicker than expected. The last thing you may need this holiday season is the added expense of repairing or buying a new heating system because unclean ducts put too much of a strain on the system.

The air quality of your home matters, especially during the winter when everything is closed up. And, the cost to heat your home and keep your heating system running smoothly matters also. The best thing you can do this winter to improve the air in your home and the cost of heating it is to invest in air duct cleaning Rochester residents can trust. Turn to High Performance Heating, Cooling & Hydronics.

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Joe came out the day I called. He was clean, professional and was able to fix the problem in no time. Always great service!

Kasie F.

Wonderful experience. Easy to schedule. Technician was very knowledgeable and took time to explain everything. We will be using this company again!

Gregory M.

Awesome Service! Joe M. and Phil cleaned my ducts yesterday. Not only were they really thorough and helpful, but they were also very kind and I felt very comfortable having them in my home and around my children as the process took most of the day.

Pearl B.

I had an estimate and an installation within days of each other. The guys were polite, professional, made sure to go over all the details, cleaned up and were excellent! Definitely would recommended!

Lisa S.

The service technician, Zane, did a great job. He communicates well and did a wonderful job setting up our thermostat for us. He did a top to bottom cleaning of our furnace and air conditioner.

William E.

Today we had the scheduled service on our furnace. The service person, Zana Aziz, was on time, very courteous and more importantly did an excellent job. He appeared thorough, explained fully what he did with the furnace and what we needed to look out for in the future.

Greg S.
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