Is Your Furnace Constantly Running?


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Happy Harold’s Weekly Question:

Harold, why does it seem like my furnace never shuts off, my bills are costly and I’m always cold?

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Question Brought To You By: Zack From Gates, NY

Happy Harold’s Answer To Zack:

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Happy Harold

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I’m excited to receive your question and would be thrilled to answer it!

There are many reasons why your furnace may seem like it’s consistently running and never shuts off. As soon as most people look at their monthly statements and see how much heating their home is costing them each month, it becomes pretty literal very quickly. Chances are your current furnace wasn’t installed properly or isn’t operating the way it should be. We understand most people can’t afford to dish our huge amounts of money and try to look for the cheapest route possible. But like the old saying goes “cheap work produces cheap results”. If you take a look at the website. Gas furnaces’ use up about 49% of your total house hold energy compared to any other piece of equipment. Which is why it’s crucial that you pay extra special attention to it. In the long run when your saving substantial sums of money each month on your energy bills, you’ll be thankful that you called a reputable heating and cooling contractor that won’t cut costs and leave you with poor craftsmanship. At High Performance Heating, we don’t cut corners, purchase cheap materials, or take any short cuts to save a buck or two. We provide the highest quality work, materials, warranties and most of all, we provide highly trained technicians that are trained weekly on every make and model. When our HVAC technicians show up to your home, you’ll have confidence that the highly trained HVAC technician is there to educate you. Not sell you pointless equipment that you do not need or have no use for. 

If your furnace never shuts off, your bills are expensive, and your house is always cold, than chances are it’s never been able to reach the set temperature because it’s shutting off on some form a fault.

Today’s high efficiency furnaces are designed to run the blower motor which is the louder motor during the fault. So you may think the furnace is actually heating, but it’s really not. All that is actually happening is the blower motor is running, which will help keep the air in the house more even but it wont actually heat the house, which is why furnace maintenance is so important. When we get an HVAC technician over there, our advanced technicians examine every inch of your equipment. Especially after last years brutal winter, every furnace and boiler, no matter the make or model, really took a beating last year. 

Our highly trained HVAC technicians take the time to examine every aspect of your equipment, we figure out the condition your unit is in, find out the life expectancy and the anticipation of a possible failure. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s incredibly important to have your furnace or boiler properly maintained and serviced. When we schedule a service call, the most experienced HVAC technicians are going out door to door, customer to customer checking their HVAC equipment to make sure that any piece of heating or cooling equipment they have is operating with maximum efficiency – saving you the most money possible on your energy bills each month.  One of our clients, during the winters, their monthly energy bills were close to $300. After a furnace replacement by properly trained HVAC experts, their bills dropped to under $100! We cannot necessarily guarantee that it won’t ever break down over the winter, however our trained technicians will at least have prior knowledge and be able to tell you what is failing and why it’s failing, giving you the opportunity to repair or replace your hvac unit before it breaks down in the middle of a blistering cold Rochester, NY night. Which is why we offer 24/7 EMERGENCY HVAC repair service for those unexpected break downs.

If you recently have had a Furnace or Boiler installed, manufacturers require you to have annual furnace maintenance service done on the unit to ensure proper operation, maximum efficiency and maintain a valid warranty and of course, keeping those monthly energy bills as low as possible. Call today and ask what you can do to perverse your life time warranties and maximize your monthly energy savings! 

Thank You for your question Zack. I hope I have answered your question, give us a call anytime! Our highly trained HVAC technicians are standing by!  585-302-5018.

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Joe came out the day I called. He was clean, professional and was able to fix the problem in no time. Always great service!

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Awesome Service! Joe M. and Phil cleaned my ducts yesterday. Not only were they really thorough and helpful, but they were also very kind and I felt very comfortable having them in my home and around my children as the process took most of the day.

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Wonderful experience. Easy to schedule. Technician was very knowledgeable and took time to explain everything. We will be using this company again!

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I had an estimate and an installation within days of each other. The guys were polite, professional, made sure to go over all the details, cleaned up and were excellent! Definitely would recommended!

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The service technician, Zane, did a great job. He communicates well and did a wonderful job setting up our thermostat for us. He did a top to bottom cleaning of our furnace and air conditioner.

William E.

Today we had the scheduled service on our furnace. The service person, Zana Aziz, was on time, very courteous and more importantly did an excellent job. He appeared thorough, explained fully what he did with the furnace and what we needed to look out for in the future.

Greg S.
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