Winter Is Here – Is Your Heating System Ready?


Winter is here, we all felt Rochester’s mighty weather last year when heating systems alike we’re failing at a constant rate because of the below freezing temps we had for an extended period of time. It almost felt like summer was never coming back. Last year was a record breaking year for sure, and the mass amounts of middle of the night no heat calls kept us busy well into the spring. It was apparent that our highly trained HVAC Technicians could identify which heating units had recently been serviced prior to the winter and which heating units that hadn’t been serviced in quite some time. Staying warm and comfortable with peace of mind in your own home is something that everyone has a chance to obtain and should be a top priority, especially in preparing for Rochester’s harsh winters. Each fall you prepare your house for the winter, why should your heating unit, which is the most important piece of equipment in your whole house, be any less important? Getting your HVAC units serviced before the heating season is always highly recommended, not only to assess your unit to see if any minor repairs are needed before they turn into major expensive repairs, but if you have had a new unit installed then yearly maintenance is required to keep your warranties valid. If you haven’t taken the time to have your heating system serviced then now is an excellent time. The winter here in Rochester is only going to get worse and we all know it.

Here and there we might have a few mild days or two, but the majority of Rochester’s winter is incredibly cold, freezing, filled with snow and ice. After an extensive period of time, if your heating system hasn’t been properly maintained by a certified and insured technician then odds are, if your furnace is older than 10 years, there’s a very good chance that on one of these below freezing nights that Rochester is very well known for, your furnace is going to fail. It’s the same with any other heating equipment, the time frame may be a little more than 10 years, but the results are the same. Without a highly trained HVAC technician assess your equipment, running diagnostics and testing each piece of hardware in your HVAC equipment, small cheap minor repairs that you’ll be made aware of ahead of time will most certainly turn into full, more expensive repairs, if not a whole new unit replacement. That’s not to say that if our highly trained Technicians feel that the cost of the repairs outweigh a replacement system, which would be more advanced, save you more money each month in energy bills (could potentially cut them in half), could be the solution in your particular situation.

Our Technicians are trained to take your whole house, budget, heat loss from your home, and many more aspects into consideration when recommending which piece of equipment is right for you. Our Technicians are not salesmen, they are there to educate you on the history of your equipment and offer you the best possible solution that’s back but a 110% guarantee. Last year there was a good faction of HVAC equipment that was improperly installed which will cause failures in your system and higher energy bills than you should be paying each month. There is an old saying, you pay for what you get, if your very limited by budget there might be a company out there who can provide you with what you need for a very cheap price, but their warranties last as long as you can see the license plate on their trucks. After that, when that part or system fails and your unable to contact them. You’ll end up having to contact another company and not be covered under any labor warranties, and if they sold you a used system, no manufactures warranties and if the system was new, if they never registered it with the manufacture, then there is definitely no manufacturers warranties.

With High Performance Heating and Cooling, we take the head ache out of everything! We register your system and ensure that all of your warranties are valid and up to date. We help provide you or process your RG&E rebates on new installations and are literally available 24/7, 365 days a year, even 366 with leap year. We don’t take a vacation so you can. Our technicians always perform a high performance clean up, the only way that you will know that we were even there, is your unit functioning properly from a repair that was performed correctly, the new HVAC unit from a new installation and your lower monthly energy bills. No other HVAC company around her provides complete full service to ensure that their clients are completely taken care of. Whether it be our Highly Trained, drug tested, fully insured and licensed HVAC technicians that receive daily training to our office staff making sure that your warranties are valid and providing follow-up calls to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. We only hire the types of people we would be 150% okay with leaving alone in our own homes.

Why settle for less, pay more on your energy bills each month and receive horrible service when complete home comfort is only a phone call away? Call us today at 585-366-0557. We know you’ll be ecstatic with our performance, just take a look at all our reviews and you’ll see just what we are talking about!

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Joe came out the day I called. He was clean, professional and was able to fix the problem in no time. Always great service!

Kasie F.

I had an estimate and an installation within days of each other. The guys were polite, professional, made sure to go over all the details, cleaned up and were excellent! Definitely would recommended!

Lisa S.

Awesome Service! Joe M. and Phil cleaned my ducts yesterday. Not only were they really thorough and helpful, but they were also very kind and I felt very comfortable having them in my home and around my children as the process took most of the day.

Pearl B.

Wonderful experience. Easy to schedule. Technician was very knowledgeable and took time to explain everything. We will be using this company again!

Gregory M.

Today we had the scheduled service on our furnace. The service person, Zana Aziz, was on time, very courteous and more importantly did an excellent job. He appeared thorough, explained fully what he did with the furnace and what we needed to look out for in the future.

Greg S.

The service technician, Zane, did a great job. He communicates well and did a wonderful job setting up our thermostat for us. He did a top to bottom cleaning of our furnace and air conditioner.

William E.
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