Propane? Natural Gas? Electricity?

Its no secret that we all love a hot shower. An unexpected cold shower can definitely put a damper on your day. So, just how much thought have you put into the way you heat your water?

There is a direct relationship between the amount of power in and the output temperature of your hot water. Therefore it is important to determine how much power you have available in your home. This information can be located on your main breaker panel, or can be calculated by an electrician. More power means a more constant flow of hot water. High Performance Heating and Air has a team of specially trained technicians that are able to hep you determine how much power is needed in order to meet your hot water demand. During a free estimate appointment, your technician will review the best options for your home and your comfort needs.


There are two different ways to heat your water with propane, you can chose a tankless heater or a storage tank heater. It all depends on what you feel is best for your home.

Storage tank heater: 

This type of system is compact and frees up more space compared with a standard electric heater. It can also deliver the same amount of hot water as a 50-gallon electric unit, while being only 40 gallons itself. Energy Star propane units save on average 13-16% in annual energy costs.

Tankless water heater:

This system delivers endless hot water instantly. It will only heat your water when its needed, and can save you roughly 9-16 sq feet of floor space. A tankless system is reported to save users on average $150 a year on energy costs, wouldn’t that be a nice treat? Our favorite fact about propane powered tankless water heaters is that it puts out far fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to electric storage tank water heaters. You can sign us up for anything that will reduce our emission levels!

Natural Gas

This is the most common fuel source for water heaters, as it is more cost efficient than electricity. Most utility companies also offer rebates for switching form electric to gas.

Storage tank heater:

There are two types of gas powered storage tank heaters, and they both heat water continuously inside the tank. The first is a standard tank, the one we’re all familiar with since it has been around for generations. They are the most affordable models when purchasing a new system, however they are not the most efficient. The other type of tanked water heater is an energy star, these have increased energy-efficiency compared to the standard models.

Tankless water heater:

Much like the propane powered water heater, this system provides an instantaneous, and unlimited flow of hot water. These systems save energy because they are only heating water when you want it. As opposed to the storage tank heaters that will continuously heat water inside the tank. An energy star tankless water heater uses a heat exchange resulting in the use of 9% less energy than conventional gas powered tankless systems.

Electric (Boogie Woogie Woogie)

Storage tank heater

The only electric water heaters certified by Energy star are heat pumps, or hybrid water heaters. These systems are more expensive than a high-efficiency gas model. It works by pulling heat from the surrounding air into the water tank, its this feature that makes them best suited in mild to hot climates. Though they are more expensive than a high efficiency gas model, they can make up the cost difference within 2 years. Energy Star models use up to 65% less electricity than a standard electric water heater. That’s up to $3,000 over the lifespan of your tank!

Tankless Water Heater

These systems are quite comparable to the other tankless systems, just powered by electricity. These provide hot water when, and only when, you want it. As a whole, a tankless system can reduce your energy bill since its not constantly running. A tankless system can also help resolve an age old household argument, no matter how long you take in the shower, there will always be hot water ready for the next person in line!

How long does a storage tank water heater typically last?

After about 7 years or so, the inside of your water tank starts to corrode and break down. If you crack open the tank, you’ll see a reddish corrosion spill out. To ensure proper operation and to keep your warranties valid, every manufacturer recommends scheduling annual maintenance by a certified HVAC technician. If your  water heater does break down at any point during the year, you can depend on our expert technicians at High Performance Heating & Air Conditioning to diagnose the problem and get your system running again in no time!

Making the switch from storage tank to tankless?

Tankless Water Heaters offer a safe and highly efficient way of keeping  your hot water flowing while lowering your monthly energy bill. The installation time for one of these is typically only a few hours, and the costs on average around $3,000. Though the cost may be high initially, you’ll be saving quite a bit in the long run. Consumer reports show that you’re likely to save between $80-$100 a year on your energy bill. Factor in the life expectancy of an on-demand system is between 15-20 years which is 13 years longer than your standard water heater with a tank! You’re looking at some big savings! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and get your free estimate today!


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