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Do You Need to Invest in Vent Cleaning?

There are just certain responsibilities that come with owning a home. You may already keep up with maintenance of vital systems, but how about other systems that may fall to the wayside? If you have never had a vent cleaning service or you can’t remember the last time you did have the vents in your home cleaned, you really need to call High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics for service soon.

The vents in your home function to carry all of the air you breathe throughout the house. While you ensure that the air pumping through your home is the perfect temperature, many people don’t give too much thought as to what may be in the ducts that the air is flowing through. As time goes by, dirt, dust and other allergens build up and actually coat the inside of the ducts you use. As the air pumps through, this dirt and debris gets chipped away and blows out with the air. The problem lies in the fact that you can’t see what is in the air that is being pumped into the rooms of your home. Yet, all of that dust and allergens can sure cause many problems even though it is typically out of sight. The best defense against these unseen allergens and build up of dirt is to have regular vent cleaning.

Vent cleaning can not only make the air you and your family breathes a lot cleaner, having clean ducts can save you money. If your ducts are clogged and there is a significant build up of dust and dirt, your heating and cooling systems will have to work harder to push the air through. Having the vents cleaned annually can reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems, which can help their overall lifespan.

Do right by your ducts and schedule a vent cleaning service before the season ends.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Our Testimonials

I had an estimate and an installation within days of each other. The guys were polite, professional, made sure to go over all the details, cleaned up and were excellent! Definitely would recommended!

Lisa S.

Today we had the scheduled service on our furnace. The service person, Zana Aziz, was on time, very courteous and more importantly did an excellent job. He appeared thorough, explained fully what he did with the furnace and what we needed to look out for in the future.

Greg S.

Wonderful experience. Easy to schedule. Technician was very knowledgeable and took time to explain everything. We will be using this company again!

Gregory M.

Awesome Service! Joe M. and Phil cleaned my ducts yesterday. Not only were they really thorough and helpful, but they were also very kind and I felt very comfortable having them in my home and around my children as the process took most of the day.

Pearl B.

Joe came out the day I called. He was clean, professional and was able to fix the problem in no time. Always great service!

Kasie F.

The service technician, Zane, did a great job. He communicates well and did a wonderful job setting up our thermostat for us. He did a top to bottom cleaning of our furnace and air conditioner.

William E.
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